Bahasa Inggris

  1. A Comparative Study Between English And Indonesia Adverbs
  2. A Study In English Varieties Used By Vendors In Banyumulek
  3. A Study On Teaching English Using Games To The Eleventh Year Students Of Smk Brawijaya Kepung...
  4. An Analysis Of The Main Character’s Hatred Depicted In Sandra Brown’s Novel Where There’s Smoke
  5. An Error Analysis On The Use Of Simple Past Tense Among The Ninth Year Students Of Smpn 3 Pare
  6. An Error Analysis On The Use Of Simple Present Tense Among The Ninth Year Students Of Smpn 3
  7. Analisis Makna Implisit Pada Novel Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Karya J. K. Rowling D
  8. Effectivity Of Contextual Instruction With Cooperative Approach In Increasing The Students Conversation Ability Of Mts Di Pi At The First Class In Nh Academic Year
  9. Effects of pre questioning on the reading comprehension achievement of the sceond grade students
  10. Effects Of Pre Questioning On The Reading Comprehension Achievement Of The Second Grade Students
  11. kurangnya perbendaharaan kosa kata siswa dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris
  12. Student’s Learning Achievement With Traditional Assessment And Portfolio Assessment
  13. Teaching Reading Comprehension Using Communicative Approach Through Songs And Games To The Eigth
  14. The Influence Of The Ability In Mastering Dialogue On The Achievement In Learning English To The
  15. The Influence The Of Main Characters’ Conflicts Toward Plot In Oscar Wilde’s
  16. The Use Of Brochures And Pamphlets In Teaching Speaking A Case Study At Second Year Student’s Of
  17. Upaya Peningkatan Keefektifan Dan Efisiensi Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Pada Siswa



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